Here are some of our most common questions answered! If your question is not on the list, please email us on funningupmycrayons@gmail.com

What are the crayons made from?

Soy wax, carnauba wax and natural earth pigments for colour.

Are they non-toxic?

Absolutely! They carry the UKCA mark which basically means I have an extensive paper trail to demonstrate that they are safe for children.

Are they edible?

No! They are non-toxic, but they are not food. They do pose a choking risk - so please apply adult supervision - and don't eat them!

How are you "eco friendly"?

We hate greenwashing - so before using that term, we made sure we could back it up!

Our crayon ingredients are renewable, sustainable and not dangerous to the planet. They are not derived from animals like other crayons.

Our packaging is reused where possible - and sustainably bought where needed. It is 99.9% recyclable and compostable. The only thing that isn't recyclable is the post office sticker for the postage. If you request clear, compostable bags for favours, these are not recyclable - but are home compostable.

Are your crayons shiny?

Yes - mostly! Sometimes the soy wax can cause frosting. Frosting is a natural characteristic of all natural soy wax that can make the surface a little cloudy. It doesn't always happen and won't impact the colour - but when it does, it can just be "buffered" off using a cloth or a finger.

Also - some of our moulds do produce a "matte" effect rather than a shiny effect.